Get Personal Outburst

--A fun, meaningful team ice breaker for a group of 20 or less

The purpose of an Ice Breaker is to get people talking, feeling more comfortable and having them learn something about each other. This rowdy ice breaker is also a great team activity.

     Split your group into two teams of ten people or less. Give every person a 4” x 6” index card and a pen. Instruct each person to title the top of their card with something that has to do with their own hobby or anything in which they have an interest and/or expertise. Here are examples:

Things Found at a Horse Show

Tom Hanks Movies

Famous Baseball Players

Things You See at Wimbledon

Gardening Tools

American Idol Contestants

… you get the idea.

     Then, underneath this heading, they are to list 10 things that are apropos. So, for example, if someone had their card titled “Gardening Tools,” they would probably list:





Lawnmower, etc.

If you need an example, you can bring cards from the game of “Outburst”—found at any toy store.

     Once everyone is finished completing their card, each teams puts their cards facedown in a deck—then the fun begins. A member of Team 1 picks up the first card in their deck and reads the category to Team 2—who now has 1 minute to try and shout out all the 10 items listed under that category. They must start within seconds of hearing the category; no talking about it for awhile. They may ask 1 question about the category if it is not clear what the writer intended. At the end of the minute, the team is told how many items they were able to match on the list—and also the writer of the list should be revealed. If you want to keep score, the number they got correct is their score. NOTE: a team may certainly yell out something that indeed is relevant to the category, but if it is not on the written list, it does not count as a point.

     Then, Team 2 takes the first card from their deck and repeats this sequence for Team 1. Everyone is yelling during Personal Outburst. It’s fun, energizing and an interesting way to get insight into your teammates.