We have designed many wonderful, socially responsible team building activities, and seen many other team building companies do the same. Building bikes for underprileged children, helping food banks, Habitat for Humanity and more. But is there something that is a bit more global in scope that is more interesting and challenging that just assembling bikes or teddy bears or food?

We think there is... and it is purifying water in an emergency. We have all read about the disasters that occur everyday world wide. What is one of the most difficult problems that victims of these disasters face? It is that they are not able to get good drinking water and that causes things like cholera, dissentary, and ultimately death.

Some of our most popular team building events have elements of creativity and design, overcoming difficulties including lack of resources, and constructing something that the team is proud of. We have created a new activity that you can either do on your own or that we can facilitate: Creating an Emergency Water Filtration Device. These are simple to make, but can certainly be created with many different types of materials, including PVC pipe, discarded plastic containers, and more. The emergency water filtration system is rudimentary but effective and it uses common materials such as sand and charcoal. Anyone can make one.

The activity requires each team to design the vessel for the filter and make the device. It also requires that they create an instruction sheet in a foreign language. This explains how to use the filtering device as well as how to make more of them easily.  

Yes, the best way to purify water easily is to boil it. However, in an emergency, these filters are better than nothing. And in a state of emergency, many in poor, rural areas may not have fire initially or a metal container for boiling water, let alone a good source of water.

This exercise is not only for helping those in dire straits, it also educates the people who are participating on how to build the water filtering system in the worst conditions.

What is that saying--"If you give a man a fish, you take care of him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, it will take care of him for the rest of his life."