You have a small meeting and want an ice breaker activity for about 20 minutes that gets people talking to each other. You have no budget and no time. Here are four quick and easy ideas:

1. Give everyone a small card (half of a 3" x 5" index card-- or use a Post-It) and a pen. On the card, it has "Ask me about:"-- and people need to fill in the card. They should write something that they know about outside of their career, like maybe a hobby-- or raising a child-- or something they did for a job in high school. You get the idea. They tape the card onto the bottom of their name badge. This gives them something to talk about when they meet each other.
2. They draw a picture on a 3 x 5 index card-- that represents something that is important to them-- and they tape it to the bottom of their name badge. Again-- when they meet each other, they have something to share.
3. You hand out small cards to people to put on their name badge. They all have different scenarios on them (this is more work for you). They all start off with "What would you do if...." and you have to come up with the odd social or work situations. Each person gets one and puts it on his or her name badge. Again, this is a jumping off point for discussion.
4. "True Lies"-- every person gets a 3 x 5 index card. They write three statements about themselves. Two are true and one is false. They should be fun, interesting facts. Then they share these with each other. The listener has to try and guess which statement is false. Always fun.
Whatever you do, the idea is to make is easy for people to talk to each other, because most people are not good at approaching strangers and making small talk.