Summer is right around the corner, if you have done the same company picnic for years, why not try something new? Here are some suggestions to get your employees excited about your annual event…

Trail Challenge

Many of our State and regional parks have fabulous trails that have suffered with budget cutbacks. Why not have your group clear a section of trail AND enjoy an Orienteering challenge all at the same time? End up at a reserved picnic site for a barbecue.

Music Festival Talent Show

You can hire a local band or DJ—and/or draw from employee talent. You might find some American Idols within your ranks. Additionally, if you are going to invite families to the picnic, ask them to join in the fun. Some of your employees have children in performance groups and bands. Why not give them an audience? You could also add Karaoke, but for those who cannot sing, also have a Lip-Syncing contest. There are lots of great things you can do around music and dance.

Sandcastle Competition and Clambake

Everyone loves the beach, and this is an easy thing to orchestrate. Kids can get involved too. There are local caterers in beach cities that can do a clambake or something that is perfect for the beach. IF you want something a little more unique—call us about our Sandcastle Wars event. Really fun!

Photo Car Rally

If your employees and families are driving to the picnic, you can have them start from a central location and hand them the Car Rally instructions. This is a number of sites on the way (and not on the way) that they can drive to. When they get to each location, they need to take a photo of their family doing something fun. This proves they got to each location also. Each photo is worth a certain number of points. The sites that are out of the way should be worth more points. This is NOT a race, but a fun way to get to the picnic. Friends can team up for fun. You should pick sites that are unique, scenic and interesting.


Yes, we do offer our version of Survivors!, but you can also plan a very simple Survivor event yourself. This is perfect for a small group in a park or at the beach. This can include cooking the meal, making a shelter, making a water filtering device, and playing some fun games. Just use your imagination. Ok—you could hire us to do it also.

Softball Tournament

Even if you don’t play baseball, it is fun to watch, plus you can ask family members if they’d like to be on a team. For larger companies, you can form teams early and make up an elimination schedule. There are reservable ball fields with adjacent picnic areas in every city. IF your company is small, consider challenging your neighboring companies to a tournament. If you can group together, it saves money for all of you—on the rental and on the food too. Baseball equipment is not expensive, and often times people have their own at home; ask them to bring it.

Golden Gate Park

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and are trying to appeal to families, this is a very unique venue, that is not only a great picnic site, but offers a ton of family-friendly options. There’s boating on Stowe Lake, hiking on Strawberry Island (both are next to two reserveable picnic areas). See the bison, go to the museums, the Rose Garden, the Japanese Tea Garden. There is so much to see and do. You can have your picnic in one location, give people a map, and let them go and enjoy. There are “hidden statues” all over the place. Have a family statue hunt.

Safari West

If you are anywhere near the Santa Rosa area, check out this unique venue. It’s a wild life preserve that offers tours on “safari buses,” barbecues, and has plenty of space for picnic games should you want to add that to the mix.  

Corporate Games provides the most creative and unique games for company picnics—for families or just for employees. Our facilitators know how to get everyone participating! Call us, email us for a Quick Quote or see Team Building Adventures on this website for more information.