Corporate Games recently received an interesting set of cards to review: "What Do You Think"-- from Kobrinica Press. It is a "deck" of 125 thought-provoking, discussion-engaging cards that pose interesting, sometimes very personal scenarios/questions. We tried it with friends, family and co-workers and everyone found it fun; the cards did prompt some great conversations that were personally revealing.

An example of one of the cards: "If you could have any talent or skill that you don't currently possess, what would you choose?"

Here's another one: "You're at your future in-law's house eating dinner. You're just about to finish a bowl of soup when you see a dead cockroach at the bottom of the bowl that obviously is not supposed to be there. Do you say anything?"   

Some of the questions/scenarios are even more personal and strange, so if you were to use these for a company meeting, we would definitely go through the cards and pick ones that are more appropriate. Some of them are really meant for "family conversation."

However, we did find the idea very good and we suggest that you can take it a step further...

1. Divide your group into small teams of 4-6 people. Give each team one of the cards to read and discuss amongst themselves.

2. Have each team present their card scenario to the group and give a summary of their group's discussion.

3. Have each team create their own scenario card and write it on a blank 3 x 5 index card.

4. Collect these cards and shuffle them. Hand one to each of the teams, making sure that no team gets their own card.

Fun, interesting, revealing and an effective team activity as well as ice breaker!

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