If you’re having a holiday party, consider this fun and easy team activity. “Cocktail Concoctions” challenges teams (6-8 people per team) to create “designer drinks.” And it’s easy! You just need to supply glassware, plastic cups, mixers, fruit, craft items (pipe cleaners, beads, toothpicks, colored paper, scissors) and a variety of alcoholic beverages. Each team will mix up either an alcoholic cocktail or a non-alcoholic “mock-tail.” They select glassware and may decorate it with fruit, umbrellas, or whatever they create to enhance the visual appeal of the drink. Give them only 20 minutes to do this. You don’t want them to create and sample drinks for too long.

For judging, they provide one example of their drink in glassware, decorated as much or little as they want. Their drink should also have a name. Each team must also provide samples of their beverage in small, clear plastic cups-- for tasting. In some cases, the employees create these drinks and their spouses or guests do the judging. Simply provide paper ballots for the judges to cast their vote for Best Cocktail and Best Mock-tail.   

Simple prizes can be awarded to the winning team(s).