Scavenger/Treasure Hunts—when are they the right event?

When people call us for team building, they often say “we want something really interactive where people get to know each other better.” Sometimes that is followed by “What about a scavenger hunt?” These days, many are caught up in the intrigue and fun of reality TV’s “Amazing Race,” and “hunts” can be designed to have that theme and flavor. However, it is not the right type of activity for everyone, and sometimes they just defeat the purpose of team building and interaction.


Scavenger hunt-type of activities are great for:

  1. A group that would like to explore at new city, resort or amusement park while doing some team building at the same time.
  2. Moderately active to very active groups. If you have people that have trouble walking, it can deflate their spirit and their team’s spirit. Take pregnant and over weight people into account too.
  3. Learning to plan, coordinate and communicate. If these are your team building objectives, a hunt can be perfect.
  4. Providing variety in the tasks required.
  5. Getting outdoors.
  6. Having a less structured event, since people can choose where to go and when, what to do and how.


Do not choose a hunt activity if:

  1. Your objective is having people interact and get to know each other. A hunt splits up the teams for the most part. We do have some that require inter-team collaboration, but for the most part, the teams are operating independently.
  2. The design of it creates too much risk for participants. Do not allow participants to drive themselves around if the event fosters a “race” atmosphere. There are ways of making it safe while still being competitive. 
  3. Your selection committee loves the idea, but are not taking into account all the other participants. You want to insure that everyone feels comfortable participating and that they can.
  4. The area you are covering in the activity does not really lend itself to a hunt.
  5. Your group just did a scavenger hunt last year. There are so many team building activities to choose from; wow them with something new and unexpected. 


For more information on the wide variety of scavenger hunts available, contact Corporate Games at 800-790-GAME (4263).