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Ice Breakers

We have designed many kinds of ice breakers, both individual or team oriented.
These include:

  • Short mysteries: where people must exchange clues
  • Personal Bingo: where people must find others with certain traits
  • "Spac-cial Challenges": a series of three-dimensional brain teaser puzzles, which people must solve in teams (each team has a different clue).
  • It's a Jungle Out There: has people going around making animal noises to find their teammates.
  • Unlocking the Treasure: a unique game that has people comparing combinations and unlocking treasure chests for prizes.
  • Personal Artifacts: This is a fun, new ice breaker that came to our attention recently. It is great for groups of less than 40 --and it helps people get to know each other on a more personal level. Each person brings a personal artifact and gives it to the facilitator. These are items that have very special meaning to the person who brought it. The facilitator puts all the items on the  artifact table and one by one, people guess who brought each one.. This provides some levity and variety to the meeting- as well as allowing people to gain insight about each other.

Ice Breakers are used for networking, getting  people acquainted with each other, forming teams prior to a team event, encouraging people to interact at trade shows, introducing a new venue-- and more. We differentiate them from a "team building activity;" people participate as individuals, not in teams.  

Now Available From Corporate Games

... one manual for those on a budget or who want to "do it yourself":

"Ice Breakers for Business Meetings"

This manual provides easy to follow, step-by-step explanations of some great activities we have designed that don’t require a lot of equipment or materials. The ice breaker manual includes materials that you can copy right from the manual, as well as a diskette for customizing the instructions to your own company. The diskette is for use with Microsoft Publisher (not included). The manual sells for $75.00, to order please refer to our main menu "Books from Corporate Games."