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We are always coming up with something new! Here are just a couple of our latest ideas...


The Amazing Race meets LOST-- in this fun series of unique team challenges. Teams must navigate through a number of challenge stations in order to receive clues that will allow them to figure out where in the world they have been shipwrecked. Just like the popular TV series, if you do not succeed at a challenge, you are stuck there until you do. It might be as simple as memorizing a dozen objects or as creative as making a water filtering device. You never know what kind of surprises await your team in this entertaining, collaborative adventure!


Great for a company picnic and better than your typical Team Olympics, this fun, engaging set of team challenges pits teams against the clock-- not each other. Yes, there are "winners" in the end, but every competition allows every team to win if they are working well with their team members. These challenges are timed from 2 to 5 minutes, and teams are given time to strategize and practice before starting. Challenges are a mix of very active and more cerebral activities, so there is really something for everyone. Call or email us to get examples of the challenges in this fun, unique series!

QUEST for the Grail

If you're a fan of the Indiana Jones tales, you'll love this event. It's not only fun, but it is a fantastic way to have your participants learn something new and apply it to business right away. The Quest for the Grail includes costumes and props from the movies, the "Chambers of Knowledge," an archeological dig, deciphering of hieroglyphics, getting through the chaotic Market Place and more. But in the end, teams need to give an entertaining presentation on how they would tackle a current business problem-- using Indiana Jones imagery, music and props. Fun and an incredibly valuable learning tool! 

Answers to Your Teamwork Problems- a free service

Every team has issues. What are yours? When people call to ask about team building, we hear about a wide variety of problems that we tell them how to address. It does not always involve hiring us for a team building program. We invite you to write to us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and describe your team's issue(s). We'll send your our suggestions on how to solve it; no sales pitch just our honest opinion based on over 20 years of team building experience. If we don't have an answer, we'll tell you that too.

The Great Food Truck Challenge

This is a fun, unique twist in culinary teamwork. The Great Food Truck Challenge encourages teams to create their own “fast food” taste-treat, engage in some entertaining team challenges, make monetary business decisions about their product, and finally get to enjoy and judge the “gourmet offerings” produced by all the teams. 


Teams are normally formed in advance of the actual competition day. They need to decide upon or create a recipe for an item that can be wrapped and sold from a food truck. We would provide instructions and ideas for them that are sent via email. Each team has a budget of $100 and must purchase the food and packaging items in advance of the competition. They should also come up with a name for their team and some sort of team identification—whether matching headbands, bandanas, hats, or ?


On the day of the challenge, each team will have 90 minutes to 2 hours to set up their “food truck” (usually a table and canopy, which they can decorate with signage) and produce at least 80 samples of their “specialty.” Depending upon how elaborate you would like to make it, the items can be cooked on site or some prefer to have a rule that the items do not require cooking.


During this period, each team must take part in 3 team challenges. These are fun competitions (some from our “Minutes-to-Win-It” activities) which can help or hinder the teams in their efforts. For example, if you succeed at a challenge, your team could receive an extra “item of your choice.” Or, if a team failed, they might get a “Speed Bump” card—and find they have less time to complete the challenge.


At the deadline, every team must be ready to provide a sample to every participant. Each person will taste the treat from each of the “food trucks.” A ballot provided to each person allows them to vote for the Best Tasting culinary delight and Best Presentation. These votes determine how much product was "sold"-- and allows us to calculate which team made the most profit-- if any.


The Ping Pong Pyramid

A fun, quick challenges that we use as an ice breaker or as part of the "Team Minutes-to-Win- It" event, this chaotic exercise makes participants realize that competing is not always all about speed. Each team surrounds a round table that has 15 cups online arranged in a triangular pyramid fashion (on the table, not stacked). The team also has 20 ping pong balls. The object is to bounce at least one ball into every cup within 1 minute. If more than one ball lands in the same cup, players may not remove the extra ball(s). Teams are given time to practice and strategize. Being first is not the object, succeeding at the challenge in time given is the goal.   

SPEED Charades

This is a fun and chaotic activity that is a great ice breaker, meeting energizer and team builder-- for any size meeting; 5 people to 500 or more can play. You can play it in 15 minutes or take longer—it is that flexible. You divide the group into teams of 5- 10 people. The object of the game is to have each team act out as many charades as possible for their own team members-- in the period of 1 minute. For a generic version, you can use famous movie titles, but you could also  use books, songs, etc. But whatever you choose, in order to insure speed, all titles should be of the same basic category. This is an activity that you can facilitate or we can do it for you. Details on Speed Charades can be found in our latest newsletter "Team Building Tips You Can Use." Subscribe to it free by sending a request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    

"CLUES"- -Beyond "Who Dun-It"

An ice breaker, a team builder, a one-hour activity, a 2-hour activity, indoors, outdoors, for a small group of 30 or a large meeting of 250, during the day or during dinner. This one game offers you extreme flexibility online casino and maximum interaction. The initial part of the activity is reminiscent of the old game of "Clue," where you try to figure out the perpetrator, the weapon and the room by process of elimination. But after that, If it looks like you're not going to get a particularly good rate after using the loan credit monitoring comparison service, check the standard loan rate from your own bank to see how it compares. there is a series of clues handed to your team. These challenge your team's powers of deductive reasoning and mental acuity as you race to discover the motive, the time line of the crime, and which suspect occupied which room in tha mansion. Easy to facilitate yourself, or we can bring it all to you. Magnifying glasses go to the happy winners. 

Water- the Essence of Life

This is our latest socially responsible and GREEN  team builder that is creative, fun and meaningful. This one does all of that plus it is educational too! Teams will learn how to create a real water filtering device, that can make a critical difference during an emergency. They will get to design the filter, based on knowledge of how it operates and what materials are required to make it work. They will also have to create instructions on operating the filter and building a similar one-- in a foreign language. Read our blog post for more information.    

Team Minute to Win It!

Fast-paced, fun, creative and something you will definitely want to film! Our version of this popular TV show is great for small or large groups. Teams are challenged to perform a number of entertaining tasks against the clock. We provide the props, the basic rules and framework, but teams also have input on the rules of the contests-- making it even more interesting. Your group will be talking about this event for years to come!

The GAME Behind the Game

Creating a game is one of the most collaborative activities you will ever experience. We all know what a game is: it's entertaining, social, often has strategy, communication skills required, competitive and more! The Game Behind the Game is two "games" in one. The actual process of the event is one game- in which we make changes, have you change teams, and have limited resources. What your team(s) creates is another game, but it must illustrate and support a concept-- like "dealing with change." You have to work with your teammates to create a fun, interesting competitive game that will delight the other teams. Will it be too simple, too complicated, or just right? Intriguing, unpredictable, and fun, because you get to play the games created by the other teams. Plus, you are only limited by your imagination-- and the main question is always "What if...?"

Wine Olympics

If you are holding your offsite at a winery, this is the perfect team building event for you. This fun and wacky series of 6- 8 games are done on a flat, grassy field. The objective is for each team to get as much “grape juice” to make wine as possible. Of course, we would really be using water. 


This event gets teams out on the lawn and doing some fun, entertainingly hilarious things:

1.      Giant Grape Rolling.  The “juice” is in four large purple balloons. Each team needs to form a circle around their four giant grapes—but face to the outside of the circle and link elbows. They use their feet to nudge and roll their balloons across the field, around a cone and back—without breaking any of them. Seriously silly and fun.

2.      Grape Conveyor- Each team spreads out across the field in pairs. Between each pair a towel is held. The first team of two picks up a grape balloon and catapults it with their towel to the second tandem, who must catch it in their towel, before flinging it to the next couple in the team line. The object is to get all the grape balloons down to the end team bucket. 

3.      Grape Stomping (using small purple water balloons in buckets). Difficult to break, but gives the same squishy feel. Each person on the team takes turns stomping – to try and break the balloons. In the end, all liquid is separated from the “skins” and saved in the team’s “wine bucket.’

4.      The Wine Line—a series of PVC pipes and connectors need to be put together in order to channel water through it in the fastest time possible. Some of the pipes have holes in them, causing leaks—which can be plugged by fingers strategically placed. Team are allowed to test their structures before the actual race takes place. 


After this entertaining series, each team designs its own wine label. There would be points associated with the games as well as creating the best label, etc. The total points determine the winning team.


Consider having your meeting at a unique venue like the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum. If you do, have a wonderful time doing our



Top Gun competition...


This is a great series of team challenges, many of which are modified from actual military training. Included in this series is also the flight simulator that is located on the Hornet. Depending upon the fitness level of your group and the weather, the challenges are selected and modified --so they meet your team building objectives perfectly and that everyone can participate and have a great time.